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  1. Ðoge

    Variety of Wall Holes 2022-07-25

    Different holes with different materials made be me without custom stuff, only build in game materials and props. Use on any of your maps, credit or don't credit me, gonna leave it for your will. May enlarge collection in the future. P.S. ignore black rocks on some screenshots, it`s a problem of...
  2. Berke

    Cartoony Window Door 1

    Made for TF2Maps 72hr Jam. A great window door model with not so great texturing. With cubemaps and collisions, whats there not to love!
  3. xB33

    TF2 Soviet Props (pl_munitions) 2021-10-07

    Just a bunch of models I made for our 2019 contest entry "pl_munitions" (which is now more or less finished thanks to Jusa) You can preview the models on the link below.
  4. DoodleDon

    One sided windows

    Hello, I'm new to mapping nut have wanted to map and program for a long time. I have been watching UEAKcrash's tutorials about mapping but he didn't talk about one certain thing that I need, one sided windows. I want to be able for one team to look out of their spawn and see the outside, but...
  5. AsG_Alligator

    Striped glass v1.1

    Fancy striped glass texture that is easier to see than stock versions.
  6. VinLAURiA

    Clearbridge A1

    I've occasionally dabbled in mapping on-and-off for the past few years, and a few days ago started "doodling" a small KotH map while brushing up on some tutorials. It started with a couple of Badlands spires facing each other diagonally before things started to take shape, which inspired the use...
  7. Flaffy

    Recommended transparent glass/window texture?

    I am making a window between two rooms, and I all the textures i find are somehow not suiting me. I was originally looking for the one used on many maps, like the one in teufort spawn. It's looks like normal glass, but with like crosses going across the glass. Hard to describe, tried my best. :/...
  8. Yabayabayaba

    Frontline Windows are only one sided. Solved

    So i am new to mapping, and am attempting to use windows from the frontline pack. I understand that the ones with texture only on the front are for decorating the sides of buildings, but all the windows are like that. What should i do if i want a window a player can stand behind and look out of...
  9. The Siphon

    Glass texture problem?

    I was mapping for the 2016 spawnroom contest. I created a window as seen in the video, but when I fired an arrow at the right window, the left window turned black/dark. The glass material is glass/glasswindow001a on the other side and icarus/glasschrome003 on the other side. I checked, there...