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  1. ethosaur

    Hikikomori Mall a1

    Even we need to go shopping sometimes... Even if the mall is... rather strange. Just another weird map by yours truly, basically made for fun, there is nothing else to it really, hope you enjoy either way. This is an early version of the map, and may have some issues associated with it, I may...
  2. Panegyr

    cp_airship_race a5

    Please Note, this is a4_preview of the map, which is not currently functional in basic gameplay as red spawns in a flying ship far away from the action currently, if you want a playable map, please use A3, which is bundled inside the download as well Additionally, this map has only been tested...
  3. ethosaur

    Tower_of_power v4

    WELCOME... to the TOWER OF POWER... yet another weird TF2 map by me, made in an absolute stupor, in the past week, originally meant to upload on april fools, but missed deadline sadly. Anyway, the TOWER OF POWER! Its time to climb it, and witness... some strange things. This tower goes high...
  4. ethosaur

    manor_of_fun_fix 2021-08-14

    A more stable, and fixed version of manor_of_fun, this one should work on bigger servers, with more players and mods/plugins. The old manor, was unfortunately made at a time, where I didn't know how to optimize that well, and the entity limit was already almost full, so it often ended up in...
  5. ethosaur

    mannor_of_horrors 2021-08-04

    Old exploration/hangout map I made long ago, this is a first iteration of my manor_of_fun, that I made much later. I found it while looking around in my files. You might find some fun in it still though, so I decided to upload it here, for archival/history purposes. "New" manor map...
  6. ethosaur

    manor_of_fun 2021-08-04

    This is a hangout/exploration map made for people, who want just a little more weirdness and exploration in their every day goofy tf2 server, or whatever your else your heart desires. Explore dark forests with friends, or alone, discover weird secrets and unlock new things by completing simple...
  7. Scampi

    koth_cloaked a3

    A remake of the mysterious cp_cloak. What a strange place. Will be tested an updated overtime to improve gameplay. They're watching.
  8. SnickerPuffs

    What would you do if you turned into your icon?

    What I mean is that if you woke up one morning, and found that during the night you transformed Franz Kafka-style into whatever it is featured in your icon, how would you react? Weird question, I know, but I'm still curious. Me, I'd just silently and mouthlessly scream, as I'd turn into a...
  9. samjooma

    elevatormadness (april fools map) a2

    This might look like a regular KOTH map at first, but weird thing start happening soon after the round starts. Made for april fools day.