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  1. Waugh101

    Grande A3i

    I'll add more here with later versions.
  2. Waugh101

    Transfer B2

    As my second Arena map, Transfer places focus on small and fast-paces skirmishes. The Control Point's building layout allows for quick rotations between the map's key areas, albeit at risk of a train-based death.
  3. Waugh101

    Bisti A2b

    Being my first Attack/Defend map, Bisti is a single stage, 3 Control Point map set in the Dustbowl theme. BLU fights for control of a RED mining facility, from the rural outskirts of the facility to the Shipping and Receiving to the refinery and main base of operations. BLU Spawn, along with...
  4. Waugh101

    Muckwater B4b

    For my first Arena map, I've decided to try and go for a bayou setting using the elusive Swamp Theme. With a layout inspired by Lumberyard, Muckwater brings smaller combat spaces and alligator-ridden waters to the figurative Mapping Table. The Mid Building, as viewed from the water One of the...
  5. Waugh101

    Suspension B4a

    After RED struck a large gold deposit at one of their old coal mines, they began to set up a larger operation. BLU soon caught wind of this, and is now ready to take over RED's operation by any means necessary. As a lakeside-structured, mirrored King of the Hill map, Suspension promises a...
  6. Waugh101

    Cement A7

    Cement is a King of the Hill map centered around a concrete manufacturing plant. An overview of the map In-Game: The Control Point: Spawn Court Yard: This is the first map I've uploaded to TF2Maps.net, so please let me know if I missed something when uploading and didn't notice. Since...