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  1. Rbstat

    ShellShock 2022-11-21

    A ww1 themed 5cp map that has been designed to deliberately be bad, in a similar way that Turbine is bad. Except that A: The whole map is a straight line so that it can be absolute sniper hell. and B: making it 5cp so that it forces teams to make pushes and defenses, so that it can't become a...
  2. sniperstyx

    Warland (READ DESCRIPTION!) v7.1

    Hello and welcome to KOTH Warland v7.1! This is one of the oldest maps that I've worked on and recently I updated it to 7.1, mostly because I kept delaying the update due to me forgetting constantly about the map. I guess you could say that it's a ADHD thing, but at least now I've updated it...
  3. PieMann


    wash out...u cannto brikker
  4. Switchgeer

    Hammer Icon in r/place! We can do it!!!

    I'm working on a hammer icon in "misc chat 1" on the Official Server! by the csgo flag, if you want to help, join the chat!
  5. Emil_Rusboi

    WAR! update propaganda posters v1

    Once upon a time Valve announced contest about making propaganda posters for "WAR!" update. There were cool posters, so I decided to made them as overlays and upload here. All posters are the property of Valve and their authors. I just made overlays to use on custom maps. You can find these...
  6. Emil_Rusboi

    Propaganda Posters (WAR! update) Licensing

    Hello! I was looking through of old tf2 updates and came across with propaganda posters of the "WAR!" update. I thought "It would be nice to add them to the game as overlays!". But I thought about copyrights. Therefore, I did not dare and asked here. Can I take good posters, redo them as vtf...
  7. Emil_Rusboi

    Short Beach a1

    Robots are attacking our Mann Co. facilitates in southern Europe. They land on the beaches in Palermo, Italy. We must stop them by cutting off the possibility of a subsequent seizure of a bridgehead in Italy. Good luck, private! mvm_shortbeach - Sunny coastal map in Italy. Robots begin their...
  8. Emil_Rusboi

    Emil's Custom CP HUD Icons v1

    This is custom control points hud icons for your map. Including: - Tank - Fountain - Wineshop - Church - Barn - Pine Tree - Warehouse - Heart - Bridge - Train - Saxton Hale - Elevator - Platform I was inspired by the game Day of Defeat. Gonna make more if you want. If you need your special...
  9. eighttailedfox

    War Divided b1

    War Divided is a Payload Race map originally designed as an April Fools style map. Featuring a cut in half bomb cart for both teams, and a Frontline Theme. Originally built and designed in Summer 2016.
  10. Mettaton

    72hr The Wolf Protect The Home, The Human attack it LOLOLO

    Heavy is a wolf, wolf protect house, house are life....
  11. SirGaspALot

    72hr The Flame 2017-02-11

    Another artwork made just for this. This is my second scene building piece so enjoy .
  12. Falaxir

    72hr koth_Cortin v1b

    Hey guys, today i will show you my map koth_Cortin based on the Frontline theme. This map is small/medium For 72hrJAM and Frontline Download for the vsh version : HERE