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  1. RiverTamSong

    VIDE Not packing my map

    Please help Im trying to pack my new map for testing but its not packing I've tried using Pakrat and VIDE but both have done nothing Pakrat just gets stuck on the console when I open my map up and VIDE lets me open it and pack stuff but not save it. when I do I get the File Error: Unable to swap...
  2. JackHundeswald

    VIDE won't work as intended

    Hello everyone, just a quick post because my VIDE doesn't seem to work, I send the map file after the process to my friend and everytime he tells me that the models are still missing. any ideas?
  3. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Packing HL2 textures

    Hello there, I'm creating a TF2 map using the citadel textures from HL2 (those pre-installed in TF2). Should I pack all texture-vpk files or do I have to extract them? Is it neccessary they should be packed?
  4. Charlie 5 Lives

    Packing custom props+textures, still not loading for users

    Title. I've gone around from watching tutorials on YouTube regarding VIDE, reading the text tutorial on here, reading tutorials on Reddit and from other users/friends recommending me to use CompilePal, but regardless of whichever application I use and no matter the steps I follow carefully for...
  5. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Unknown game crash with sv_pure 2

    Hello there, Whenever I start my map in TF2, I type sv_pure 2 in the console and load the same map again, everything works fine. But, whenever I load a different map when starting TF2 and load my map with sv_pure 2, the game crashes. This is the first map I'm working on which has custom...
  6. The_Gl!tch.exe

    engine error

    I'm trying to test my new map on sv_pure 2 but I get an engine error and the game crashes. I've created LDR cubemaps with this tutorial: I've also packed everything with VIDE (there is no nav file (which usually cause...
  7. JLuka

    help with packing assests

    ive followed this tutorial on how to make other people see custom content in my map, all seems good and everything is green. i put my map in the feedback discord for testing and i open the demo and all i hear is that it was not packed. (sorry for anyone who had to deal with it) is there...
  8. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Problem with audio

    I've recently released this map: After compiling, packing it with VIDE and testing it with sv_pure 2 the audio on the map was gone (I released the map anyway) The audio is based on point_clientcommand as suggested by the community...
  9. Tango

    Vmt not loading for custom texture.

    Custom texture working in hammer, packed with VIDE But when ever I boot up my map with sv_pure 2 the texture is invisible and from the console it reads: CMaterial::PrecacheVars: error loading vmt file for mapping content/bitext Any known suggestions?
  10. Jack5

    KOTH countdown does not happen, point activates without warning

    Hi there everybody. I'm having an issue with my map that appears to be unresolved, as I'm unable to find any concrete solution to the problem. This thread is the most accurate information I have, and it is not enough to help me out. Basically what is happening is that in my map KOTH Tools, the...
  11. ficool2

    Sounds embed into .bsp do not work on workshop

    All the sounds I have embed into the .bsp are not recognised at all when the map is used from the workshop. I think this might be related to the sound.caches that are not created, but I'm not too sure. Can anyone tell me what is the problem? Embed textures and models work fine. I'm using...

    Having trouble packing custom textures w/ VIDE

    Hi. I'm currently having some trouble packing two custom textures into a .bsp file for distribution. I'm using VIDE to pack them, and following Tophatwaffle's guide, seemingly did so successfully. However, when I go in game to test, the textures just fail to appear. The file size increases...
  13. Minimus Ambus

    Of Custom Maps and S.D.S's

    So I recently was in a discussion on how to add custom content to a Source Dedicated Server (SDS). So I learned that I needed to pack my map. I installed Vide and followed this guide So now I'm happy. My friends and I can now play on my new...
  14. AlexCookie

    [Video] How to pack custom content with VIDE

    could be better
  15. Da Spud Lord

    Problem Packing with VIDE (FIXED)

    So I'm having a problem packing custom content with VIDE. I've double and triple checked in VIDE that all the custom content is packed, but when I load up the map in-game,... There's supposed to be a crane here. And this should be a wooden ramp. All of the missing assets are from the...
  16. Mr.Lol

    VIDE dont pack files into bsp

    i use mayann content pack and i tried several times to pack used assets to the bsp with vide, but it doesn't. on the step with auto adding files into bsp when i press "auto" lines keep the red color on it, and the size on all assets is N/A. can you help me?
  17. Billo

    map packing problem. with vide

    guys i know i have asked for this again but i dont get the anweser i am looking for. the think is i open vide 1 pick my map 2 scan 3 pick /tf scan 4 auto 5 apply 6 save thats what i do to pack my frontline map thats call ctf - cp_coldbase am i doing something wrong? free feel to tell me. for...
  18. Mr. Kabanos

    VIDE and Pakrat not working

    Hi , I have map with custom models/materials (Frontline Model Pack) and I want to all people see them correctly. I used VIDE and Pakrat but they are not working properly. Can you help me out? Please. -Mr. Kabanos
  19. Enemydisabler

    missing texture

    hi, i'm new to making maps and i want to make textured maps but no one can see the textures exept me. im using stock valve textures (i think) and i tried VIDE, but that didn't work either. this is the first time i made a thread on this site so i have no idea how to add screenshots. basecally my...
  20. Lucia

    How do i reduce map Size after paking custom stuff in it?

    So, i just saw UEAKCrash's stream, he paked his map with VIDE it went up to like 240 mb. He putted it in bat file as it seemed, a cmd opend and suddenly the map size was only 64 mb. What programm did he use to make the size smaller? :/