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  1. pont

    RIP VBot Tombstone v1

    Reskin of props_halloween/tombstone_01.mdl. Installation instructions in readme within download.
  2. 14bit

    The New TF2maps Discord Bot - Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Goodbye, Vbot Staring as a simple bot designed to help us keep track of maps that needed testing in late 2015, and dutifully maintained for years by @Fantasma, our chat bot Vbot survived the jump from Steam Chat to Discord and completely revolutionized how we organized testing for TF2 maps. For...
  3. Startacker!

    [GUIDE] Uploading your Map, Using TF2Maps Bot, and Finding Feedback

    TF2Maps offers playtesting sessions that we usually call "Imps." These sessions are invaluable for getting feedback on your map, so you can use it to improve your maps. This guide will walk you through preparing your map for a playtest session, using TF2Maps Bot to queue it for an Imp, and how...
  4. Mr.Lol

    need help with Vbot

    can't update my map on server, typed !add koth_cave, after it tried to !update koth_cave koth_cave_b1 and !update koth_cave URL but it doesn't work. in !maps list my map dont have a url, how to add it?
  5. Joshenkstone

    Remembering vbot (when he has a temporary death)

    Without him I feel lonely. I used to join the TF2maps chat every now and then and the first thing I would say is "/o" to which vbot should respond with something like "hello sir o\". But right now he isn't there to do that anymore. The only thing he wouldn't respond to was "i am bored". You...