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  1. spruce

    Caustic B1

    Caustic is a diagonally mirrored Payload race map with inspiration from Upward and Hightower As the name implies this map aims to be chaotic as seen with the Game-mode, gameplay dynamic and symmetry. This map may not get updates often as it's a fun project rather than a serious one LOL! Did...
  2. bajablink

    Powers 2022-05-26

    Austin Powers, I have bought red team. I advise you to start running. -Dr. Evil :mad: Both teams are bought by Austin Powers and Dr. Evil. Red- Dr. Evil Blu- Austin Powers The winner gets mini me. Inspiration(s)- Austin Powers (Plot) 2Fort (Decoration) Upward (Decoration) Bagel (Gameplay)...
  3. WhoWee!

    PL Red Canyon A2

    This is my version of cactus canyon meets upward, with my own twist. I have been working on this map for about a month. I really had a fun time working on this map, and I hope you enjoy it. It is currently in A2. This is my fourth map I've made, and I think I'm starting to get better at the...
  4. FloofCollie

    Pancake A4a

    In keeping with my tradition, my entry for this year's 72hr Jam was scrapped and I started again with a fraction of the time left. Certainly an improvement over last year's 6 hour CTF atrocity :) I'm quite proud of this for the angled geometry, which is something I don't normally do, and the...
  5. League_Heavy

    Hillgal A1

    How long has it been since I posted a map? arena_hillgal is a 1cp arena map that uses an Upward theme. Inspiration for this map has came from Ravine, and somewhat from Suijin. Ever since I hated Basetop I wanted to step back and do a more simple gamemode, arena was a good choice for me. The...