turf war

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  1. Squaggies

    squaggies mc21 a1

    turf war in tf2 test number idk anymore
  2. Squaggies

    Gyroscope a2c

    a completely original map using my turf war prefab
  3. Squaggies

    7CP Turf War Prefab a2

    HOW TO PLAY TURF WAR Whichever team owns the most control points before the aloted time is declared the winner HOW TO MAKE The entire prefab room needs to be placed somewhere in the map's void, rather than the logic from the prefab being placed within the main map somewhere, otherwise stuff...
  4. UltimentM

    Experimental Gamemode: Turf Wars (tw_) [Beta]

    Afternoon everyone, I've had this on the backburner for a while now, and while I have told myself to make a map for it, I haven't, so I'm releasing it to the public for everyone to try out! Introducing Turf Wars! (tw_) Look at all those points! Similarly to the gamemode in the Splatoon...