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  1. LaserDisc_

    Godspeed you magnificent basterd!

    LaserDisc_ submitted a new resource: Godspeed you magnificent basterd! - Simply put, an attempt was made to recreate my favorite taunt and character Read more about this resource...
  2. LaserDisc_

    Godspeed you magnificent basterd! 2022-07-22

    I tried to draw my favorite character doing my favorite taunt :D It took me around 3 hours, i started somewhere in the beginning of the Jam stream Enjoy!
  3. Snevs

    Valveworld a1

    Valveworld is a payload map, celebrating three of Valves most loveable franchises. From Black Mesa to Aperture Science to Mercy Hospital rooftop. This is gonna be SHIT
  4. HeroWolfMod

    Reliable Excavation Demolition 2018-07-28

    Here's the main members, in my opinion, that make RED what it is! But if they are a demolition team, why do they defend? Simple: At the very last point of every A/D map they have something huge and extremely volatile ready to launch to somewhere in the world. We can safely say that BLU just...
  5. Jukebox

    Tribute Props 2017-1-29 reupload

    Tribute Props! So it ends up that I completely forgot to shine these up and post them for use. So here's everything at face value. Note that none of these models have LODs. We were kinda in a rush. I still have the source files and can fix some of this stuff up per request. Thanks to heyo...