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  1. Dice_

    KotH_sodium a4a

    Sodium takes place at a cargo depot storing several valuable cargo like radio active stuff. Your mission is to capture the central control point to let your team's trains transport their cargo while acting as cover from enemy attacks. Watch out for incoming trains when crossing! Model pack...
  2. Ville

    koth_railed 1.1

    MY GOODNESS! THE BRUSHES HAVE TEXTURES! This is my second finished map. It isn't pretty, but it's playable. And not very well optimized. FEATURES: The brushes have textures No more dev textures There are a few cool overlays on the walls You can go and walk on (some) roofs (And see to the...
  3. Gadget

    Handrails (Expansion Pack) 1.1

    23 modular, straight handrails 28 modular handrails for stairs 2 pole variations Derived from (and compatible with) the handrail models from props_trainyard. Recommended grid size for alignment in Hammer: 2 Set "Disable Self-Shadowing with vertex lighting" to "Yes" when using prop_static for...
  4. zythe_

    offload b3

    ride the train to the enemy base to win! layout and design: @zythe_ logic: @floaty artpass: @Tiftid custom assets: modular railroad tracks by @Gadget more vehicles pack by @FGD5 originally created for the 18th microcontest hosted by @14bit
  5. zzaJ

    ChooChoo a6a

    The Mercs fight over an abandoned railroad tunnel. turns out, all the other railroad tunnels *arent* abandoned.
  6. zythe_

    zythe_mc14 a1

    ride a big train to the enemy intel room to steal their small train
  7. r0nii

    od_consignment erl04c

    Map for the Pick It Up contest! the map has few new triggers to confused less players. the triggers and other things has been placed on od_canary and od_duckquarry but od_canary wasnt updated and awaits for more fixed and od_duckquarry corrupted itself while i was placing it on this...
  8. Waugh101

    Transfer B2

    As my second Arena map, Transfer places focus on small and fast-paces skirmishes. The Control Point's building layout allows for quick rotations between the map's key areas, albeit at risk of a train-based death.
  9. That1Yoshi

    Labyrinth a3d

    A Capture The Flag map made for the 72 hour (TFMaps) TF2 (Summer) Jam.
  10. Funnystuf

    Expresso 72a

    My entry for the 2017 Summer 72 Hour Mapping Jam. RED is gathering cargo at a station in a mountainous area. BLU must push the cart from their base inside the RED base and blow up their train path! Credits: A Boojum Snark's Gameplay Library The Overgrown Prop Pack I might have forgotten a...