traditional art

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  1. Snedic

    TF2 Jam 2020 Medic Melted Wax Portait 2020-09-07

    HAPPY TF2 JAM!!! I hope you're jammin well! So... a new year means a new challenge, and hoo boy did I challenge myself this year lmao I know from the outside it just looks like i'm dripping a bunch of candle wax on a canvas and… Actually that's exactly what I did. I sketched a portrait of the...
  2. ColaCarnage2

    Which side will you join? 2020-09-06

    Wanted to challenge myself with a full background, so here's that. Also haven't drawn the Admin in a while. Time: 7 hours from sketch to finished piece Coloured with Ohuhu markers :)
  3. Raito

    [72hr Jam] Ra-mann Scout! 2018-07-29

    My entry for the 72 hour Jam. I tried combining two mediums, Photography and Traditional Art. Using an editing software, I edited the background of my drawing and put on the photo of cup noodles I took. (Ra-mann = Ramen)
  4. Casylum

    [Artwork] Jungle Vacation 2017-08-06

    Medic's preparing for a Jungle vacation! ;) I tried coloring this in a different way by using more complimentary colors. Also, I thought it would be cute to have Medic dressing up his birds. ;)