trade plaza

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  1. mily-chan

    Trade Plaza Alternate 1.0

    2 spawn areas a big mid point so you can fight for hours the biggest sniper sightline (as every trade map should have) a real f*ckfest comment about what you think of it (helps me)
  2. Littlepudintater

    Looking to commission a map!

    Hello all! I'm looking to invest more into my personal trade/giveaway server and am very interested in having a custom map for it. I would pay in either TF2 items or straight PayPal/Venmo pretty much whichever income you prefer, as well as pay YOUR price. I understand the ordeal of making a map...
  3. S

    courtyard a1

  4. squeezit

    Christmas Lodge v1

    I decided to do an art pass over the original trade_plaza by Asylum. Comes with custom X-mas lights by Bakscratch Map by me (squeezit) Contains extra places, painfully cold water, and a secret area!
  5. SanekOgon

    Trade Box [Beta] v.2Beta

    Fully original map created by me. If you use the map on for the server or edit the map, please credit author of original map! On this map there are: -Trade rooms -Spycrab area -AFK rooms (for RED and BLU teams) -Boxing arena x3 -Combat zone (first floor) Also you can download map on: -Steam...
  6. ☠ DD ☠

    Looking for trade_plaza_rawr map

    trade_plaza_rawr.bsp / trade_plaza_rawr.bsp.bz2 This map was used on RAWR trade servers around 2011, it could be older. I did search for it to no avail. Not to be confused with the original trade_plaza or trade_rawr* (v2.x) maps. Just wondering if anyone still has this map and is willing to...