trade map

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    trade_badsand Final

    Trade_Badsand: It is an epic map set in a small beachfront town, there is no complex objective, just explore and have fun, the map contains an affordable 3-story beachfront hotel, a fast food restaurant, a classic bar, a small shop in front of the beach, an industrial garage and a fully...
  2. northh

    Autumnal Picnic 1.0

    It's the middle of August, so I think it's high tide we make some autumnal and cozy maps, don't you agree? Map is listed as autumn_map. I was bored one day and decided to make an autumn themed map over the span of 2 days as a way to brush up on my Hammer skills. Unsure if I will ever update...
  3. Unusual Pretzel

    trade_ut_1 One

    Pretty bad map considering its my first but it was fun to make
  4. Woomyman9000

    trade_area_v1 1

    I can't think of good titles, but that's not what you're here for. This is a map designed for trading with a control point in the center, a melee only zone(because funny) and a really epic and cool skybox
  5. Woomyman9000

    How would I make a match not end when a point is capped when there's only one point?

    I'm making a trade map, and there's a point so people have things to do, but I don't know how to make the game not end when the point is capped :/ So how would I make it?
  6. Potada

    Trade Phantasy Ver. 1 2021-11-17

    A fairly simple trade map I made to shake the rust off. The overall design is based on alpha footage of PSO2's lobby. It has a lot of the usual trade map amenities: - Sniper Decks - A pool - Soccer goals - A Heavy Boxing Ring ...and a couple of other things. Skybox source...
  7. explosive_clone_cube

    trade_sh0e-fort 2021-08-25

    a sequel to my other map called koth_murray_slurry this map is a joke. I am not actually insane. I dont know who made the doug walker 10 hottest women meme or the doug walker polar express kid meme I just had them on my computer. apart from that I made the rest of the map. also I didn't make...
  8. BADTOM The Angery Puss™

    Trade_TFCity_V1 2021-05-31

    TF City is my first map that includes: -Small football field -Small "basketball" court -Pool -Arena store with ammo/health -Saxton burger -Bar/Disco (theres no music yet) -Portable -GYM/Boxing ring -Small sniper duel arena -Construction site -2 spawns (duh) -1 Hospital i made...
  9. Littlepudintater

    Looking to commission a map!

    Hello all! I'm looking to invest more into my personal trade/giveaway server and am very interested in having a custom map for it. I would pay in either TF2 items or straight PayPal/Venmo pretty much whichever income you prefer, as well as pay YOUR price. I understand the ordeal of making a map...
  10. SouthwesternMapMaker

    Funtrain 1.0

    Operational map with packed files. Tell me if you receive any bugs playing. Features include: One-Way Spawns (Meant to stop spawncamping and force people to actually leave when they exit) Corridor to the front of the locomotive Ladder to the roof Ammo Pickups A toy train. Meant for...
  11. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Spacefort a7

    This map is still WIP and it will take many other versions until it's fully finished. It also features ports from Black Mesa, such as props, characters, textures and the Xen skybox. Credits are coming soon -- more info coming soon -- As always, you can add suggestions for improvements: )
  12. IAmKnotMax

    Rustboro City 5b

    Rustboro City from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Includes the city, 3 connecting routes, and Petalburg Woods, Rusturf Tunnel, and Meteor Falls. Blu exits to Petalburg Woods, Red exits to Meteor Falls. All music in the map is affected by the music volume, although if you use snd_restart when a song...
  13. sniperstyx

    Trade Minecraft Amazing v150 2019-06-29

    This is another good map that I did. I am uploading it to see everyone's opinion. I hope it's good because I just started it.
  14. S

    courtyard a1

  15. SanekOgon

    Trade Box [Beta] v.2Beta

    Fully original map created by me. If you use the map on for the server or edit the map, please credit author of original map! On this map there are: -Trade rooms -Spycrab area -AFK rooms (for RED and BLU teams) -Boxing arena x3 -Combat zone (first floor) Also you can download map on: -Steam...
  16. countrybumpkin

    trade_winter_resort A1

    A newly made trade map by a beginner mapper, so it wont be perfect, there is noticable seam lines, I know, but ill work to make it better as I improve Features Include: Event room Boxing Ring swimming pool basic mass spycrab room Fully textured Ambient noises Please leave...
  17. Jack - ジャック

    looking for a mapper that would do commissions

    i'm looking to set up a trade server and i don't want to be generic and use trade plaza . i would like to pay someone to make a simple trade map with some of my ideas but i don't have a clue how much it would cost or if there's anyone that would do it , so that's why i'm posting this. if anyone...
  18. AlexCookie

    Subway B3

    SUBWAY Trade map that takes place in a NY subway station. Current state - Beta 3 Screenshots: Special thanks to: Frontline! team - for - Frontline! Asset pack iiboharz - for - TF2Maps Steam Workshop Resources
  19. ☁DragonMaster27☁

    Trade Station 2016-06-17

    An average trading map with a battle feild with capture points or any kind of gamemode just an arena like map.
  20. obodobear

    Model Looking for some more props again

    There are some more props I'm looking for on my map, I have already looked through the game file props for them and haven't found what I'm looking for. I need it to look almost the same since it is based off of another game and I want it to look as authentic as possible. If anyone knows where...