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  1. sour dani - DigiCase is a Discord based unboxing simulator! We have been developing the bot for about a year now and for the 72hr Jam we decided to bring that joy to life with a toy in time for Christmas! The items unboxed are actually added to your profile via our database server! We use Discord's API to...
  2. Skylark

    Map Idea Slot Machine: Forum Edition

    [Spin again]
  3. Morphe

    Demoman Sitting in the Rain 2017-08-05

  4. XxProCommandoxX

    72hr Homemade Shotgun 2017-02-12

    Designed by me, built by me, and... My sister plays a lot with it. So, admire this thing while you can (forever), I will be dead, waiting for your feedback.
  5. quack 2

    72hr Plush Engineer

    Cute Texas boy