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  1. TheGibusGuy

    Would the "stairs" tool texture from INFRA still work if ported to another game?

    I want to use it because the clipping for my spiral staircase gets a little too steep:
  2. Heili

    Nobuild Tool Texture V2

    Here's a tool texture I made a while back but never shared it. "Custom tool textures inflate your map size!" I used to think, but if you use Compilepal you can set an exclude rule for this! Place the downloaded folder in your custom folder to get this working, and the exclude picture should be...
  3. chemelia

    Tooltexture Skin Replacements v2

    This is a reupload of the original pack from August 13, 2015. Includes: Nodraw replacement for Backcountry Blaster Scattergun and Antique Annihilator Minigun. Skybox replacement for Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher. Trigger replacement for Forest Fire Flamethrower. Skip/Playerclip(based on team)...