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  1. Bazooks

    Colored Trigger Textures final

    Sometimes it's easy to get lost in a jumbled mess of triggers and unless you're a visgroup freak it gets annoying trying to find which is which. Now with colored triggers you can give each triggers different colors to categorize what they do. Includes 2 striped colors for mvm prerequisites...
  2. Habber T Mancer

    Tools of the Trade

    Though I've been participating in map tests for as long as I can remember, I've only made a handful of maps and they were uploaded, tested, and deleted years ago and Meet your Match kind of killed my enjoyment with TF2 so I put it down for a while. But, I've been playing with Hammer again lately...
  3. Skylark

    Map Loader

    I hate how TF2 when you type `map` into the console everything freezes while it loads only 1024 maps (which is an issue when you have 3k) and you need to do that every time and arrow down until you get to where you were and then go one below. Made a simple tool which lets you search for what you...
  4. Gᴇɴᴛʟᴇ Pᴜᴘᴘᴇᴛ

    More Tool Textures v2

    I made these ages ago I just never thought to share them anywhere. Includes Capture, Dispenser, Viscluster, Hurt, Teleport, Fire, Respawn, No Build, Regenerate, Once, NoGrenade, and Push. They don't do anything special by themselves, they are just reskins of the normal trigger texture, but...
  5. Leonin

    How can I make a hovering func_movelinear?

    what i mean is how would you make a func_movelinear that starts at the bottom, goes (for example 300 hammer units) higher in a straight line, stays for a second or two, then ends up at the coordinates where it started?
  6. Wastag

    Problem Solving (Hammer etc.)

    To give advice when finding problems whether concerning faults with the programs or tools of TF2 map building or modification.
  7. Jack5

    KOTH countdown does not happen, point activates without warning

    Hi there everybody. I'm having an issue with my map that appears to be unresolved, as I'm unable to find any concrete solution to the problem. This thread is the most accurate information I have, and it is not enough to help me out. Basically what is happening is that in my map KOTH Tools, the...
  8. Silicon_E

    Would a Map Analytics Tool be Useful?

    I'm trying to figure out if this is a good idea: A program that shows where things are happening on a map (eg. kills, sticky traps, übers). It would also highlight sniper sightlines and potential perchpoints, among other useful things. You could filter info by class, time, payload progress...
  9. S

    Selected faces are not highlighted in red

    When I use the face selector/displacement tool, the faces are not highlighted with red and displacements do not show the grid. However, everything else works normally and the regular selection tool still highlights in red and shows the displacement grid. Please help. EDIT: After restarting...