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  1. Tiftid

    cp_tiftid_mc25 _a1a

    A Gravelpit map with no C point. Rotates for RED are relatively speedy. There's water, and early morning sunlight. It makes me happy. I'm much more proud of B than A.
  2. Gaijinviking

    Canals (Arena) A1

    This is meant to be a fast-paced tiny arena map for TF2Classic Story: The Four Teams RED, BLU, GRN, and YLW are fighting over an Abandoned MANN CO. Missile Silo that they want to restore and Blow-Up one of their Enemys Main Base's.
  3. Ken

    koth_al a2

    Being a short map, little al tries to not make itself into a 'sniper heaven' like the other big guys. Little al tries its hardest to be just a simple map that people can just enjoy. Maybe inspire their creator to make a map just like it.
  4. Funnystuf

    Affogato a1

    An itty bitty Frontline KOTH map taking place by the seaside. Whoever wins blows up the enemy's ship. I had the urge to make a quick KOTH map based on an idea I had for a mid, and I whipped this up in a little over 24 hours. I probably won't work much on this further, but you're still free to...
  5. Mess About

    wooden a7

    Shouldn't keep mapping when you're sleepy - can cause damage to your mapping decisions koth_wooden, inspired by cp_granary 2nd point, the place where you have to fight through a small door frame, the map is super small and chokey just want to take a break from koth_pain, will be back soon
  6. Superjoe224

    72hr Jam 2022 cp_blueprint_a1 a1

    Tiny Mercs fight on a table! This map features 3 control points located on the engineer's drafting table. Plenty of junk and tools to block sight lines. Fight over a bird house or a chest (depending on what team you are on).