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  1. yelta_

    Change Skin of entitys

    On my koth map I have two prop_statistics sign003.mdl. I want them to quickly change their skin when the point is captured, or while the point is being captured. Something like this: while Capturepoint.capturing == True: sign003.mld(skin) = random.randrange(0, 6) time.wait(1) return() If...
  2. Jeff Magnum

    KotH travel times

    To help with scaling my maps, I’ve been making a list of the travel times for KotH maps popular in casual/competitive TF2 – maybe it'll prove useful for some of you, too. The rules for these times were as follows: All times are approximate and were taken from whatever spawn point I happened...
  3. Musaic

    Measuring time passed between button press?

    Hey guys I can't seem to figure out a good way to measure the seconds between a button pressed once then pressed again. Failing that, using a seperate start and stop button. I wish to output the value to another entity. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  4. S

    Time [Summer Jam 2017] 2017-08-07

    Wanted to make a quick poster for the summer jam this year. I hope you all enjoy it! Made using : SFM PicMonkey Photoshop Contributors : spirit__soul (me) Link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1103026780&fileuploadsuccess=1