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  1. myria

    Lilith final

    A redo of my very first jump jam submission. 9 jumps, all downair.
  2. MegapiemanPHD

    Logic72 a2

    *yes the cap timer thing on the hud stutters. I don't know how to fix this but am aware it happens so don't tell me* Logic is my attempt to "fix" ctf by using the method of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. I think the logic is solid but not so sure about the layout...
  3. GalcticPotato Glitch

    ctf_flooded v 0.5

    After several days of rain, both BLU and RED bases were completely flooded, causing massive land damage. A few days after the flood, the maercs have to fight again. The map is capture the flag because it's my favorite gamemode, it's easy to make, and i feel it's the most apropiate to express my...
  4. VEssex

    The Party Builder

    Woo wee, I think this turned out quite well. Here's the model. No redistribution without my permission. Oh, and hey look, it's not just an SFM! First Day (Aug. 4): All modeling was completed 2 out of 3 base textures completed Second Day (Aug. 5): Team colored textures completed. Compilation...
  5. Midlou

    Facility Build55

    And yes, I know it's not 'jungle'. Have fun. Team Fortress 2 Workshop: Facility Map by Midlou Custom content: Tf2maps Construction
  6. Erk

    Why is the Fonz popping up instead of prop_static? What?