the london pack

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  1. Fillmore

    MVM Saxford

    Using the OP to put up some info for those mission making lads so they don't have to figure this shit out by themselves
  2. Fillmore

    Saxford RC1

    The Robot invasion takes a scenic route away from the vague backwaters of the US of A, toward the European backwaters of Mannington Brews, one of numerous subsidiaries Mann Co. is known for. With its wicked brew of tea described by locals as "something I'd pour in my car", we've hit the ground...
  3. Call_Me_Meme

    Financial a10

    I've decided to continue working on a new version of ctf_financial which I originally made for the 2022 72Hour Summer Jam, fixing the issues it had (I'm not updating the original 72h Jam download because this version has a some major changes). Uses the London Content Pack.
  4. ItsOnlyMilky

    Multi Stage CP_Dustbeach a1g

    'Dustbeach' is a project I've been working on for some 6 months now. The map is a ground-up reimagining of the classic Dustbowl map with a new British seaside aesthetic, courtesy of the Frontline and London packs. The first stage is the town and lighthouse; BLU starts on the beach and must...
  5. MilkMaster72

    72hr Jam 2022 London Fort (72 Hour Jam) 2022-07-25

    2Fort, but with more than just a new coat of paint. London Fort is a reimagining of 2Fort made for the Summer 2022 72 Hour Jam, utilizing many assets from the London and Frontline asset packs. The layout is familiar yet different. Uses assets from The London Pack and The Frontline Pack.
  6. Lev1679

    VIP_Dover B3

    "Civilian has returned to his native lands with an attempt to escape from the RED team, but alas, they overtook him there as well! Escort him through the old victorian streets of the small town next to the sea." vip_dover, A map i've made specifically for TF2C with the VIP gamemode. Its a 3CP...
  7. Mattie

    Introducing The London Pack!

    After nearly three years in development I'm thrilled to announce the release of the London Pack, an all-new asset pack created by the TF2 mapping community. Whether it's the majestic streets of the West End, the winding lanes of a bucolic rural village, or the chalk cliffs of a sunny seaside...