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  1. jnts

    Four-team Alphabetical Control Point Holograms 1.0

    Inspired by Icarus' models and wanting to use them in my own 4-team domination map, I decided to expand on his work by adding the relevant submodels for GRN and YLW. If you want to do something like this yourself, or edit these models in particular, all you need are: - VTFEdit to convert...
  2. BiiigSip

    Koth_Barn_Storm_tf2c 1

    A Team Fortress 2 Classic Version of Koth_Barn_Storm
  3. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    MANN CO civ grade holo projector v2

    A small hologram computer Mannco sells to the public it comes with 5 custom holograms as well as TF2C Team color edits Its free to use hologram projector prop for you to use in your maps Addition texture advice and and AO help form @Wendy
  4. Endermage77

    ctf_kemri a1

    The Black Pyramid hides a valuable cache of Australium. Go forth and grab it, then! Map Credits: Marble — DrSquishy Pickup Patches — Berry
  5. MilkMaster

    4-Team Depository A2

    Invade the enemy base and steal their goodies. Depository is a 4-team CTF map where your intelligence is guarded by a safe. Destroy the enemy's safe to reveal their intel, and escape their base before the blast doors lock you in. Uses assets from Team Fortress 2 Classic and The London Pack...
  6. TrustyGun

    vipr_hijack a3

    A VIP Race map being made for the Team Fortress 2 Classic mod. How the Gamemode works VIP Race is a currently unused gamemode in TF2C that is a variation of VIP in which both teams have a Civilian they need to protect and extract. Since no official maps have been created yet for this gamemode...
  7. sniffy194

    4-Team 4koth_badlands (4-Team Badlands) b2

    This map converts koth_badlands into a 4-team map. It is based on the 4-team Arena port by JJFortJ (used with permission), albeit with many additional hours of work put in. As opposed to JJFortJ's version, the map's lighting and skybox were changed to a dark and stormy setting, and the water...
  8. Endermage77

    cp_hex [TF2 Classic] a3

    This map is designed for Team Fortress 2 Classic, and will not function if used in normal TF2. Team Green is beset on three sides by teams Red, Blue, and Yellow. Will any of the attackers wrest control of the point from the others, or will Green hold out against all odds?
  9. Will Alfred

    vip_Holtzmann a7

    Hello! Im Alfred and this is vip_holtzmann, a Port of adctf_holtzmann to TF2C. This originally was designed for a contest of TF2Maps, which placed Second on the contest! I decided to give more attention to it and port it over to TF2C as TF2C has more support for the VIP gamemode than Team...
  10. Heili

    VIP Ambush Prefab (TF2C) V1

    2 Escape Zones, 3 VIP lives, heavy emphasis on ambushing and map control for info. This is my prefab for Team Fortress 2 Classic's VIP game mode. VIP felt like glorified A/D to me, so I made an alternative mode months ago. This keeps hardcore elements from Trainyard's 1 life, but keeps it...
  11. HelloThere

    Multi Stage vip_egypt v1

    Another VIP conversion for TF2 Classic! This one comes from cp_egypt. Besides the new BLU Civilian mechanic, there aren't any other changes, with the exception of BLU team losing an entire minute if their civilian dies, in order to punish careless Civilians and discourage them from charging forward.
  12. Heili

    4Tokyo R03

    4 Teams, 4 Tokyo Rural Tokyo, 4 teams fight in an asymmetrical CTF. Made for Team Fortress 2 Classic. Includes bot support. Gamebanana Mirror
  13. HelloThere

    vip_hunted v1

    vip_hunted! A remake of ff_hunted from Fortress Forever for TF2 Classic! As BLU, deliver the flag to the towers to open up the exit for your civilian. As RED, kill the BLU civilian or prevent him from escaping until the time runs out to win! Be aware that none of you have designated spawn rooms...
  14. Lugia

    RPG First Person Animations 2017-08-06

    These were made for the mod, Team Fortress 2 Classic.