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  1. Oshunter

    Chase for the intel 2020-09-05

    Red team engages in a car chase to retrieve the intel from blu
  2. The Doctor 2

    My best friend 2018-07-30

    Me and my friend. We have a good lifeline here on steam and specificly in Tf2 and Gmod We went from noobs to pros chatting around, joking we developed pure friendship that will never die thats why I always come back to tf2...
  3. socks_

    Sentry Down! 2017-08-06

    took ~2 hours to make. I'm still relatively new to SFM, so not too many fancy effects. Basic summary: Blu Team has gotten steamrolled, and they're now onto their last line of defense. A sentry gun. One Red Soldier has something to say about this, though. I logged in using my Steam Account. If...