tf2 summer jam

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  1. AxioMr

    I drew this 2018-07-28

    I've pulled an allnighter to draw this. I can't tell how well the colours look on a actual calibrated screen. I'l take criticism into consideration and if there's enough of it I'l release a MK.II.
  2. hamburger crisis

    [SFM] boss man 2018-07-27

    i wonder if i should make another poster after this, or a drawing. really gets my noggin joggin.
  3. Lawdee

    Busted! 1.01

    Figured I'd take part this time! I used Source Filmmaker and Photoshop for some post processing. Thanks to my friends on discord for advice on composition/posing and post processing!
  4. Glubbable

    Mann Mall A3

    I made a map for this years Summer Jam.
  5. The Chump

    72hr Dumb Demo drawing 2016-07-25

    So I thought that drawing the Demoman from Expiration Day was a good idea. On mobile. Why not? EDIT: Stop downloading this. You're not supposed to.
  6. TheLocalPub

    72hrJam - So I made some "Jam"

    With 2 hours to go an Idea finally came to mind. Half an hour of photoshop, an hour of looking for someone who has a printer that isn't utter crap which fades all colours and leaves massive lines in the image... Later. I finally got round to branding my new "Jam" - Yes that is also home made...
  7. CrystalThePony


    Resources used:A Boojum Snark's Team Fortress 2 Mapping Resource Pack I worked very hard on this map, I learned hammer in 2 days, and made this for the contest. Please provide feedback to fix this map! My friends Shark! and Creep across the Street helped me with it, we all worked together on it!
  8. Kurius Kokie

    72hr Crappy Cookie Clicker Clone A1 A1

    Here's a functioning concept for a map I plan to make. I had to start late for the contest (2PM EST 7/24 is when I started) without any plans/layouts or design theorys... But I had the idea to make this game mode for a while (I know it will probably fail but it's worth a shot). So I did. When I...
  9. keybode | SJ

    Team Fortress 2 Summer Jam

    Hey, it's my First upload here on This WebSite !;):)
  10. Silverino

    72hr 72Hr Race 2016-07-24

    A SFM Poster collaboration with CrOkNess (His Profile :
  11. HHGamers

    72hr Summer Jam Pun 2016-07-23

    I make a pun about jam. Both blueberry and strawberry jams. On a beach. (Works as desktop background)