tf2 medic

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  1. ColaCarnage2

    A little revenge (TF2 Summer Jam entry) 2018-07-30

    This is just a little revenge for all the times i've been backstabbed as Medic in game.
  2. Snedic

    TF2 Summer Jam 2017 Entry - Medic Candle 2017-08-06

    For this I really tried to brain storm and think of something I haven't seen before. Somehow I came up with the bright idea to make a candle (Which I've never done before, so uhhhh). So, I spent twelve hours sculpting a bust of the Medic (Roman statue style of course). I felt I did fit in a lot...
  3. WaveRobin

    72hr Tf2jam 2017-02-13

    I'm not sure if this spot is just for maps but eh....
  4. Spencer_Kritzkrieg

    72hr A quick match with Friends 2017-02-12

    This piece is dedicated to my friends and TF2 for all the fun hours we spend together. Nothing ends a day like a good match of Man Vs Machine, or capture the point.
  5. Snedic

    72hr Found Objects Medic Portrait 2017-02-11

    This portrait is made entirely out of found and scrap objects I had. I did this over the span of about 10 hours overnight. The base a sheet of poster board and everything is glued on with hot glue. I did very little planning for this, in fact I forgot about TF2Jam so this was thought up on short...