tf2 art

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  1. Tesla⭕⃤Kvant_Jack⭕⃤

    Love TF2 ! 2022-07-24 TF2Love-edition))

    My Art especially for the festival of creativity TF2jam !!! TF2 ! TF2 ! Team Fortress 2 ! Love TF2! Love TF2! LoveTeam Fortress 2! ^______^" The style of this illustration was inspired by the furnishings and style of Sherlock Holmes's apartment.)) Стилистика данной иллюстрации была...
  2. pivotman319

    The Heavy is Dead - Theatrical Release Poster 1

    "Heavy is Dead is the most hyped film ever produced by us that it was even used as a tool to kill Dracula himself!" -Fortress Films Productions
  3. dumbldee

    le helen 2019-08-04

    i bet she had a hard day an entry to 72 h jam
  4. murkm3rk

    Medic and Spyhead 2019-08-03

    No matter how many years have passed since the moment I ended up in Team Fortress 2 community, the Medic has always been, remains and will be my favorite character. To diversify her drawings, she decided to add him a wonderful “friend” Spyhead. I drew this art in 4 hours. Thank you for watching...
  5. ColaCarnage2

    A little revenge (TF2 Summer Jam entry) 2018-07-30

    This is just a little revenge for all the times i've been backstabbed as Medic in game.
  6. ToastGhostler

    [SFM Poster] Winter kitten kissing 2017-08-07

    I created my friend's heavy loadout kissing a cat in sfm. Everything used from the game's files, besides the cat model. Link to what I used from the workshop:
  7. Bunnymann

    Map maker A2

    A digital drawing made on the Ipad-pro app "procreate". Its a drawing of the engineer building a map for the tf2jam. i lost track how long it took, because i took to many breaks between the work sesions. i put a reference to expiration date in the drawing.
  8. Be.hemoth

    TF2Maps 72hr Jam Entrie -- Be.hemoth 2017-08-06

    This is a simple drawing that I drew for the TF2Maps 72hr Jam. It includes multiple Team Fortress 2 logos and a NOPE.avi engineer I threw in there. Drawn by Be.hemoth on the 6th of August 2017 for the TF2Maps 72hr Jam.
  9. DJ Beni

    The Squad - The 6 Amigops! A1

    The guys. Medic - dinkerz Scouts - Yukie / Mr. N Roamer - mett Pocket - beni Demo - fr00t
  10. Mr. Light

    A Moment of Respite 2017-08-05

    "A chance to steel oneself against the coming horrors."
  11. Steg

    Moving Assault 2017-08-05

    Its a sfm timelapse that took me 10ish hours.... Idk how to use this website View: