tf2 72 summer jam 2020

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  1. A

    holsoom pootis s36 2020-09-07

    a preview of the team as it was in the previous season aka 36 was super fun playing with you guys! :D
  2. Cat64

    Victory Drink 2020-09-07

    My entry for the 72hr Jam 2020 my instagram:
  3. Aberdeen

    Surprise Spy 2020-09-07

    Is that a Spy I see?
  4. Duckscout

    Medic Enforces Social Distancing 2020-09-07

    I really liked how this turned out, also my first time using stop motion helper with multiple objects and ragdolls. (also my first time submitting for stuff like this so tell me if i missed anything) Credit: Animator and Editor: Duckscout (Me) (
  5. PjWrox

    Snowy Sir Shootsalot

    A simple reskin for the Jam. Not the most extravagant, but I'm new to this whole thing and this was the only thing I could think to do in the time frame. Been wanting to try making it for a while anyway. Texture more or less made from scratch- other than heavily referencing the original texture...
  6. RednessQuaver

    Winter Sniping Spot 1

    Here's my submission for the 72Hour Jam, I had fun making it and chatting to friends while thinking of ideas for a poster. I decided to go with a simple scene featuring everyone's favorite sniper in a winter setting with a good vantage point. Here's a link to my Steam Profile...
  7. Oshunter

    Chase for the intel 2020-09-05

    Red team engages in a car chase to retrieve the intel from blu
  8. Oshunter

    Chase for the intel 2020-09-05

    Poster for the 72hrs Jam contest. Red team chases blu to retrieve the intel.
  9. thatsheepagain

    Furry friends 2020-09-05

    I never used this form before so I hope everything went well! Love making tf2 content so I jumped at the opportunity:^) My steam account:
  10. BigBthefluffyredneck

    My 2020 72 Hour Summer Jam Entry 2020-09-05

    A description eh? Well you can watch the video, but the summary is, If you use the Tomislav, I hate you... Video Link in case 'Download Type' doesn't work: View: