tf2 72 hr summer jam 2019

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  1. Busy Earnin'

    my engie v1

    "u are ugly"
  2. Busy Earnin'

    my engie v1

    "u are ugly"
  3. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Unusual Distribution [SFM Poster] 05-08-2019

    Hale and his marketing mercs made a mistake that tanked the lucrative Unusual economy as they knew it. Oh dear.... Made for the TF2 72Hr Jam. Creation Time: Approximately 3 hours. You can see a stream of the majority of the Poster creation here (photoshop crashed OBS, which was annoying)
  4. Overlord Lettuce

    Engraved Danger (72hr jam entry) 2019-08-05

    A War paint inspired by various engraved weapons Concept by: About everything else by: me ( Mod in the download replaces the "Ghost Town" war paint, though if you do not have the required weapons/paints...
  5. Limta Roulence

    Everlasting Fortress v1

    A recreation of entry scene of Everlasting Summer
  6. Garfungle

    Demo And Solider

  7. Daddy Leon

    Doctor for the 72 Hour Jam 2019 2019-08-05

    softwares used: SFM and Sai. Mediс Skin by Denise Makar Cane by Alaxe the Cape is made of sniper cosmetics tf2 Other props tf2 And my drawing in Sai Map: dark_room
  8. MiragH

    Persian Marauder 2019-08-04

    Eiiii... This was my entry for the SummerJam 2019, an event organized by -Context: A Persian marauder, kill his enemies stealthily and effectively... Support me on Steam: Thank you, eaaa :D
  9. FUTURE10S

    TF2: Condensed Summer 2019 Cosmetics (YT video)

    Honest to god, I made this video over the last two days. The entire premise is an experiment to try and speed up videos, because lots of TF2 channels have... honestly, I can best describe it as fluff. Just meaningless words that are there to pad out time. You know who I'm talking about. So, this...
  10. agoreliusJ

    He Sees (is this meme even funny?) [72hr TF2 Jam 2019] 2019-08-04

    better then previous years art i've submitted i suppose!
  11. Random Crit

    Anti-Unusual Propaganda 2019-08-04

    Heavy doesn't want to open unusual. Author (I am):
  12. Vecc

    can we stop for slushies? final

    WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE! In collaboration with my friend Hecate, they did the music you hear in the background! Animation and misc sound design done by me!
  13. ReCommN

    The Amber Rim - Fashionists (72Hr Jam Entry) 2019-08-04

    For all kinds of reasons a lot of people want to know they became rich. For all kinds of reasons nobody wants to know they were driven insane.
  14. ✘─│─ʀ.Karate II

    The Team 2019-08-03

    For the 72hour jam, made in Gmod!
  15. Nova2127u

    One Shot, Infinite Metal 2019-08-03

    Thought i'd might aswell do this 72 hour jam thing for some motivation. Links to the other sites i use:
  16. Dr. Salty

    Late night snack 2019-08-03

    My entry into the 72-hour summer jam of 2019. Everybody wants the sandvich, even Archimedes.
  17. le bucket

    lights 2019-08-03

  18. cruster®

    Mousepad Engineer 2019-08-03

    This is my artwork based on Engineer made by biggreenpepper from Deviant Art. I have done it in MS Paint. Hope that you will like it ;)
  19. murkm3rk

    Medic and Spyhead 2019-08-03

    No matter how many years have passed since the moment I ended up in Team Fortress 2 community, the Medic has always been, remains and will be my favorite character. To diversify her drawings, she decided to add him a wonderful “friend” Spyhead. I drew this art in 4 hours. Thank you for watching...
  20. Firebirdjr

    [Warpaint] Pineapple Appetite V1

    This is my first time ever being involved in any kind of Jam, and it was absolutely fun to make this Warpaint. Here is my entry!