tf2 72 hr summer jam 2018

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  1. cruster®

    Demoman's Nightmare 2018-07-29

    This construction is made by me in Garry's Mod. It is my vision of Demoman's nightmare. Every prop were used from Garry's Mod database. I hope that you like it ;)
  2. Raito

    [72hr Jam] Ra-mann Scout! 2018-07-29

    My entry for the 72 hour Jam. I tried combining two mediums, Photography and Traditional Art. Using an editing software, I edited the background of my drawing and put on the photo of cup noodles I took. (Ra-mann = Ramen)
  3. talapka.aniko

    Scoutnyan 2018-07-28

    Back in action! this time i draw it digitally and improved a lot and hopefully i will improve more i know its not the absolute best but its still better than the last 2 drawings i made:/ Made this for the 72hr Jam!
  4. overlord_shade

    TF2 Summer Jam 2018 Entry 2018-07-28

    Was made in a couple hours, if necessary, I can provide the original .psd file locked and used by myself if anyone ever needs proof of me making it myself, as the color corrections used were created by me. This was a group effort and all rightful credit towards friends of the group GwNN have...
  5. vocey

    Obey - TF2 Edit 2018-07-28

    A tf2 edit i made for the 72hr jam :)
  6. AxioMr

    I drew this 2018-07-28

    I've pulled an allnighter to draw this. I can't tell how well the colours look on a actual calibrated screen. I'l take criticism into consideration and if there's enough of it I'l release a MK.II.