tf2 72 hr summer jam 2018

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  1. BigBthefluffyredneck

    We Interrupt This Pootis 2019-08-05

    Pretty self explanatory of what I said in the Tag Line. I remade an album of a band I enjoy called Coburn. I couldn't add text in Gmod for the life of me and got a little frustrated. Overall I think this looks very nice and I hope you like it as well. Click this imgur link so you can see the...
  2. ColaCarnage2

    A little revenge (TF2 Summer Jam entry) 2018-07-30

    This is just a little revenge for all the times i've been backstabbed as Medic in game.
  3. Rody

    Run with the jam 2018-07-30

    scout, you better run faster.
  4. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Speedster Scout [SFM Animation]

    RED Engie builds a device that makes it's wearer go faster. BLU Soldier isn't happy at the parts for the device being stolen from him. Also Medic disappears into thin air. Made for the TF2 72hr Summer Jam 2018, hence why it looks so jerky in places. I didn't have the time, nor the willpower to...
  5. Raptah

    A big mug of my foot up your collage 2018-07-30

    I'm not good at drawing, so I put primary school skills into adulthood hobbies.
  6. lolripk

    Attack On Fortress 2018-07-30

  7. Pretzel

    Scoutaro Kujo 2018-07-30

    Bing bang boom it's that guy from that one anime
  8. dinko

    medic head in mspaint 2018-07-29

    i drew a pic of medic wearing a hat i have. did it in paint with a mouse :P
  9. SignificantOtter

    Let's Settle This on the Beach 2018-07-29

    After a long day of fighting over gravel pits, worthless lots of dirt, and top-secret hat-production facilities, the mercs decide to let loose with a "friendly", "fair" and totally regulation-accurate game of "volleyball", emphasis on the quotation marks. Miss Pauling decides to take her one...
  10. redemer19

    Some mercs posing 2018-07-29

    Some fashionable mens posing. this is my entry for the summer jam 2018!
  11. PootisGodAnimations

    Rocket Science 2018-07-29

    Rocket Science There is no time to waste. The clock is ticking... The round is about to end... Red team has Blu team pinned down... Now its up to the engineer to use his brain in action, this is what he comes up with! After making the contraption, only 1 minute has remained till the end of the...
  12. yar1337

    My TF2 OC 2018-07-29

    co-author :
  13. king3pic

    ctf_undermine_a1 2018-07-29

    This is a Alfa 1 build of ctf_undermine for the 72 Hour tf2 jam, the theme of the map is Red and Blu's mining facilities in 2 different ravine walls connected by a traintrack which brings in supplies and ammo. The train is static and the 2 containers on the train has 1 Full health kit and 1 Full...
  14. Iceypyro the Shyguy Medic

    2018 Summer Jam- 2 Sides 2018-07-28

    This is for the 2018 72 Hour Summer Jam. The picture is the end result, I don't know how to add another file but I do have a picture before I added a background. Edit- I messed something up but below are the images.
  15. CVRI

    CreamyGravy Scout 2 2018-07-28

    un dibujo para Creamygravy me gusta dibujar el viejo loadout de Scout, el nuevo es muy molesto asjdoasjd fuera que por cosas de universidad no he tenido tanto tiempo y hoy me desquite hasjd espero que les guste!!
  16. CVRI

    CreamyGravy Scout 2018-07-28

    Pag FB: Les dejo una Creamygravy Scout. pero su viejo diseño, como siempre, prefiero esto que un lime(??? así que bueno, espero que les guste~ y perdón por la ausencia, ya estoy de vacaciones así que subiré mas dibujos ajskdl
  17. CVRI

    Una Foto Grupal 2018-07-28

    se que esta pintado bien a la rápida, pero en verdad quería subir contenido. pero bueno, estos personajes los cree para tener un cómic (que aun esta en un Demo) y pensé que seria lindo dibujarlas con las medallas, así que bueno espero que les guste
  18. K

    The Bolshevik Baron 2018-07-28

    A silly idea i had a long time ago, that i felt like working on during the event, to see if i could make it work. Its a little strange but i still feel like it'd make for a good mod at least.
  19. Sargent¥ (MCT)

    A Relaxing 2Fort Night 2018-07-28

    I was working on various things for Youtube and Twitch when I figured, while I'm working on art, I could make some artwork for the contest and go for it. So here it is, a nighttime in 2fort, fireflies roaming and a new day to look forward too! Thanks guys and have a good one!
  20. ryos


    Made a poster for the tf2jam thing