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  1. f4.

    HPS1 2020-02-17

    Handball time tf2
  2. Eg0R_KPUHЖ

    72 Hour Jam 2019 (sfm fortcraft) 2019-08-05

  3. Virtsetti

    Picnic 2018-07-30

    Poster with Knife Party for TF2 jam~ Used programs: SFM and Easy Paint Tool SAI Flowers and Basket by Mark2580 Grass and and Blanked by CamBen Melon by Critical Hit! Blue Moon cosmetic by Dribbleondo-Van-Pelt Some props by tf2
  4. BigBthefluffyredneck

    A Silly Video I Made About The Oppression Of Gamers Current Version 7-28-2018

    I feel the video describes what I can say about my message more than what I can do in this little description tag. I made a silly Youtube Video to help get awareness for Gamer Charities, like Childs Play.
  5. 無敗 Muhai

    TF2 Red Kite 2017-08-07

    here is a cosmetic idea I got when I read about "red kite" and then thought about it pertaining to TF2. Call it basic, but I thought it would look nice in-game :)
  6. ☣ DzoT ☣

    72hr Jail Break Map "Minecraft Daylight" v 3.0 2017-08-06

  7. redemer19

    A True Artist 2017-08-04

    So, this is my entry for the 72 Hour TF2 Jam!
  8. Jason 2

    72hr Airblast 2017-02-11

    For 72Hr TF2:Jam
  9. TheNeiljoseph

    72hr Project: Beyond TF2 - Above Medical Duty 2017-02-11

    Welcome to the 1st Chapter of Project: Beyond TF2 as my Official Entry for the Winter 2017 72Hr TF2Jam by TF2Maps. In this chapter, the Medic has entered the fray and must cope with his team if he can win a stalemate battle in 2Fort, an iconic Capture the Flag Map. I think I made a lot of...
  10. Left_4_Pillz

    CTF_Sweetwater A2

    This is a map that based on a short story I had come up with, Two Heavies buy 50% percent of the Dalokohs bar's company and have split the factory down to the middle, meaning they each have a storage warehouse/sorting factory which they count and distribute their products. After working hours is...
  11. ☣ DzoT ☣

    72hr JB Famouz 4 Verison

    My 3rd JailBreak 2 for 72hrJam. Games List: - Crash Game - Fall Game - Musical Game - Disco - Rocket Rain - Bunny Hop - Obstacle Course - PvP Arena - Jeopardy - Box Game - Sweeper - Dodgeball - Theatre - Swiming Pool - Golf And More! Feel Free To Add me and ask private questions :3...