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  1. I Want To Die

    koth_devfort 2019-08-04

    I'm sorry if the map isn't that good, I haven't tried mapping for quite a while, and I'm also sorry if I put a file that is unnecessary. I put a .vmf file just because if anyone wants to edit this map. My Steam:
  2. 42.58 MHz/T

    72hr Spy and Scout's Mom 2017-02-11

    An entry for the 72 hour TF2 Jam that's actually made within the 72 hour period (I accidentally started my original idea, a 3D model bust, 3 hours before the start time because I screwed up the time conversion oops. So here's a new one.). Took around 9.5 hours to make.
  3. ☣ DzoT ☣

    72hr JB Famouz 4 Verison

    My 3rd JailBreak 2 for 72hrJam. Games List: - Crash Game - Fall Game - Musical Game - Disco - Rocket Rain - Bunny Hop - Obstacle Course - PvP Arena - Jeopardy - Box Game - Sweeper - Dodgeball - Theatre - Swiming Pool - Golf And More! Feel Free To Add me and ask private questions :3...