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  1. Nalzurin

    Into the Breach 1.0

    Can you spot 5 Easter Eggs? Assets: Glasgow Greaves Knight's Visor Gothic Gauntlets Paladin's Heavy Plate The Warrior of Valhalla The Huscarl Expialidocious Skies Realistic Fog Weapons / Shields [Conan Exiles] Hidden Assets: *Click* And *Click* Author: Me
  2. D

    Hawkeyed Blade v3

    A sword cosmetic loosely based on the Yoru from One Piece. I haven't actually made a lot of items before this one, but I'm glad I was able to do something, especially for COVID relief. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but be gentle.
  3. Zez | Trade.tf

    For 72Hr Jam 2017-08-06

    This is for 72h jam!
  4. Xx_MLGFrost_xX

    72hr Terrors in Terraria 2

    We made a new world. I decided to make a new poster. Oogie Boogie, Mage/Fisherman Frost(me), Warrior/Builder oKo!, Ranger/Miner