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  1. Xbmann

    Minigolf RC1

    (WIP) Port of a CSS surf collaboration map. T3, 7 stages, 2 bonuses Organized by me, Abandoned by the original organizer. Stage 1: granis Stage 2: Garanimal Stage 3: bonjorno7 Stage 4: pretzL Stage 5: INooVa Stage 6: Xbmann Stage 7: Sagan Bonus 1: granis Bonus 2: Spy Complex
  2. hutty

    hyperline RC1c

    At an altitude so high and around terrain so treacherous the self sufficient Hyperline facility is only safely accessible by dirigible during the two least windy weeks of the year. Changelog: Initial detail pass implemented Reduced the size of many areas. Removed the tunnel route at mid...
  3. hutty

    ctf_hyperwire A10

    A Jungle Mannpower map that adds light surfing to the mix. Formerly ctf_wired, the layout has been completely rebuilt.
  4. S

    surf_cp_canyon a1

    This map features various surfaces to surf on and 3 control points. Either teams goal is to capture all 3 control points. On the one hand, it has regular surf map stuff: a jail, some tricky place to go to release the people in the jail, one main track for each team and a return to the start at...
  5. Mikroscopic

    Surfboards a1_reupload

    Laminated planks of wood designed for gliding across the surface of ocean waves. Currently only skins 1 and 2 are in use, I will add more skins later.