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  1. Xbmann

    Rez final

    Originally published on Dec 8th, 2016. Upload for GB mirror. Tier 2, 6 stages, 2 bonuses. Originally designed and tested for TF2. Bhop bonus was tested on 66 tick in TF2. Special thanks to not_a_zombie and Frosty Scales for helping me through my first map, as well as TheDeathly for hosting...
  2. Xbmann

    Rez2 final

    Originally released Nov 11th, 2018. Upload for GB mirror. surf_rez2 Made by Xbmann Bonus 4: Spy Complex Bonus 2: Muta (T4, 5 stages, 4 bonuses) Here it is, the long awaited sequel to the map I regretted uploading the most. I tried to stay true to the original style of surf_rez while also...
  3. Xbmann

    Zealand final

    Originally released Jul 11th, 2017, Mirroring GB upload surf_zealand by Xbmann Additional detail by Frosty Scales Special thanks to not_a_zombie, Rez and the Resurfed Community Made using custom assets from the BulletCrops Project and Refracting Glass Textures by Retro7rek Testers: Rez...
  4. JackHundeswald

    The Palm Plaza Course Mapping Contest

    THE PALM PLAZA COURSE MAPPING CONTEST Poster by Dr Hund. Any Moderators thinking that something's wrong with this thread? Just tell me. HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Dr Hund, a mapper just like you (normally) who has been working on a project since December 2020. This map is...
  5. Xbmann

    Minigolf RC1

    (WIP) Port of a CSS surf collaboration map. T3, 7 stages, 2 bonuses Organized by me, Abandoned by the original organizer. Stage 1: granis Stage 2: Garanimal Stage 3: bonjorno7 Stage 4: pretzL Stage 5: INooVa Stage 6: Xbmann Stage 7: Sagan Bonus 1: granis Bonus 2: Spy Complex
  6. mute_

    kz-mute q4

    tf2s very first mini kz map, for improving your mechanical movement (made for 2.6 gamma)
  7. The Pansmith™

    Surf Lux Casual A1.3

    A simple update to surf_lux to make it better for more casual servers. I.E: Spawnrooms, and an End reward About the Jail Has a cap! Said cap takes 12 seconds to cap, but when capped will allow instant access back to spawn for the owning team. Health and Ammo
  8. Ninja Cookie

    jump_ninjacookie final

    jump_ninjacookie is a jumping map created within a couple months of work using custom textures and props, created by me. The map is designed for Soldier, with Demo friendly platforms, consisting of 19 levels, inspired by Jurf. The map has a built in timer which tracks your time through the map...
  9. Nah-Lebnik


    Just surf and maybe kill
  10. hutty

    ctf_hyperwire A10

    A Jungle Mannpower map that adds light surfing to the mix. Formerly ctf_wired, the layout has been completely rebuilt.
  11. KurinokuTheNoSmurf

    How can I make a surface fully slippery?

    the title is self-explanatory, i'd like to make roofs where you can't stand on, or that you are instantly pushed back, kind of like in surf maps, also how do the surface is surf maps work?
  12. S

    surf_cp_canyon a1

    This map features various surfaces to surf on and 3 control points. Either teams goal is to capture all 3 control points. On the one hand, it has regular surf map stuff: a jail, some tricky place to go to release the people in the jail, one main track for each team and a return to the start at...
  13. Anguish

    ultiduo_rockhopper A2

    Like ultiduo? Like surfing? Like flying around the map at the speed of light? Like getting sick airshots? Like making amazing getaways? Like coming in clutch with the last second bomb? Welcome to ultiduo_rockhopper, an ultiduo map that features 2 walls that are entirely occupied by surf ramps...