summer jam

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  1. itsJakub

    Island get away B1

    tfdb_island_get_away_b1 is a quick map made for the 2022, 72 Hour Summer Jam.
  2. Madladder

    Spoi! Pyro won't share da paddle pool! 2022-07-23

    I wanted to make an artwork of a pyro-shark in the paddle pool. It says I can only upload one of the pictures, I have the WIP and time-lapse video of the making of the drawing. I'll upload those on my Instagram and twitter. I've never shared my art on a forum or site like this so it all has me a...
  3. Scare_KaUra#

    Summer chill 1.0

    i do it for 1.5 hours
  4. ⸸⛧Luzifer⛧⸸

    Cool Coconut (2022 72 Hour Jam) 1.0

    I wanted to create a food related summer item. After some thinking I came up with the Cool Coconut. A secondary weapon for the Scout kinda like the Mad Milk. The ZIP contains a .blend file containing both Coconuts My Steam account:
  5. Pyrohdezo

    Meet The SummerJam 2022-07-22

    SFM Poster of Meet the SummerJam (png file)

    Break The Heat 1.0

    This summer-time themed warpaint is sure to give you a relaxing and nice-looking time! This replaces the "Haunted Ghosts" warpaint since thats the most common one I have :| This looks great on all weapons and is sure to fit your summertime outfits!
  7. E

    Winter's Howl 2019-08-06

    I learned how to make Unusual effects specifically for this jam - this was my first attempt. It's not the best, but I started work on this very late on the jam due to my working hours. I decided, because I'm in Australia, and the "72hr Summer Jam" takes place in winter here; I'd make an unusual...
  8. StovePipe

    [Model] The Guido Gunslinger 2019-08-05

    Just because you're an Italian mobster, doesn't mean you should go down on style. Show those capos who's boss with this stylish headwear, that tells them where to direct their attention. Made as part of the 72 hour Summer Jam
  9. This Fucking Guy

    Donator steam medals?

    When do the Summer Jam medals go out to those who donated 5+ dollars to the charity event?
  10. DubThink

    mvm_island a009

    An mvm map set in red's evil island lair. Set in the style of mercenary park. Note: this is still very much a wip. Join for up-to-date stuff and playtesting. Map by DubThink Pop file by xiPoison Design by DubThink and xiPoison
  11. [Friendly!][AAB] Albin

    Engineers Radio jam remake 2018-07-30

    i made a radio for engineer back in 2013 now 5 years later i remade it for the jam from scratch.
  12. RhysBowl

    Too Hot 2018-07-29

    Scout sings and Medic is forced to sing too.
  13. buud

    Heavy drawing - traditional but scanned 2018-07-29

    I drew it traditionally with .2 .1 and .5 cm black markers, colored pencils, refrence: and Meet the Heavy 1:10. The scan kind of ruins it but as a traditional "artist" this is the best I can do, hope y'all like it.
  14. ji-me

    Medic 2018-07-30

    fan art of my medic for the summer jam
  15. Cory In Your House

    MF DOOM Warpaint 2018-07-29

    A concept for a warpaint I've had a long time and wanted to use it for Summer Jam. This warpaint is based around the rapper MF DOOM. The mask and letters are all hand drawn by me and the textures were made using GIMP. Vid of DOOM rapping: View...
  16. Juggernaut

    5 More Snipers! (Summer Jam 2018) 2018-07-28

    This is my Source FIlmmaker submission of a poster I created of the state of 2fort...All Snipers.
  17. Cheezy

    Moo-dy Tuesdays 2018-07-28

    Well, a cow gets hit by a jeep, then gets shot. In dispair, he goes to the local speakeasy and orders a high quality beer with no branding what so ever. The cow gets so drunk he explodes. Thats really it. Nothing else. Thats the entire story. Why are you still reading this. Stop it. Stop reading...
  18. Myahster

    [SFM Sessions] - Offense/Defense/Support 2018-07-28

    Started 11am Friday, and finished 9pm Saturday. - Update v2 : More Content! I've added the original .dmx and .autosave files for your own use! Have fun!
  19. hamburger crisis

    [SFM] boss man 2018-07-27

    i wonder if i should make another poster after this, or a drawing. really gets my noggin joggin.
  20. Mazata

    Behind the scenes 2018-07-24

    Alright people! We're going live in ten minutes! This is my entry for the 72hr jam, I've started earlier and Void knows this! The people in the poster are The Winglet, Soundsmith, RTGame, Uberchain and Agro from Kritzkast, Bearded Expense, Tobiased and UEAKCrash. They are some of my personal...