summer 2016 72hr

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  1. HMK-3

    72hr koth_mall A1_Reupload

    A really small map, like the mid of turbine. its supposed to be a small shopping. it has 3 levels and very few pickups. in a nutshell, it was made for quake! XD the idea was to make the capture point raise (like doomsday), with the timer, but i cant figure how to implement such thing it took...
  2. Fr0stBite

    72hr The Doctail Re-Upload

    My submission for the 72 hour summer TF2 Jam. 3D modeled / rigged in Blender Textured in Krita, GIMP, and VTFEdit Compiled with Crowbar Scripting done through Notepad++ Critiques are welcome!
  3. _Vinchenzomix126_

    72hr UnderFortress 2 2016-07-24

    This what would happen if the fan favorite Comic sans were to be a character in tf2! I imagined him as the demoman cause of him loving his version of alcohol which is ketchup! Then Papyrus in the background yelling at him to get to his post to capture a human! (Nyehehe!) This is for the Tf2...
  4. SignificantOtter

    72hr Rivals 2016-07-24

    For the Summer 72 hr Jam I decided to try my hand at making posters in SFM (something I've always wanted to try out but hadn't ever gotten around to). I definitely learned a lot and can't wait to make more in SFM!
  5. legoscooter

    72hr Soldiers in War! 2016-07-23

    A SFM poster of soldiers with some front line props.
  6. SidNax

    72hr ctf battle camp 4

    my first tf2 map made in the 72hr tf2 jam! by