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  1. MC_Labs15

    Unofficial Contest: MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest [UPLOADS]

    Original Contest Thread Now that we're approaching the (extended) contest deadline of September 15th (midnight GMT), I am opening up submissions here. Submitting Please post a link in this thread in the following format: Map Name: Gamemode: Link: Custom Mechanic(s): Contributors: Extra Info...
  2. ~={Mr. Mild}=~

    Administrator Portrait 1

    Digital portrait of the administrator on photoshop.
  3. ABreakingGaylaxy

    koth_72hour_mansion a5

    A TF2 72hour submission for 2021. A mansion that's supposed to have a garden, but doesn't have one. A simple koth design currently in alpha 2. May also not finish this map, due to not knowing how to texture properly.
  4. 無敗 Muhai

    Unusual effect: Broken Affection 2019-08-06

    Created by Me (Muhai), chessypuff, grambee and Mark Unread,