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  1. Whomobile

    bot boxing V4

    This is a map I made for a livestream, it's sole purpose is to show 4 heavies punching each other. For some reason RED wins more than BLU, don't know why. Techincally a King of the Hill map but I removed the logic that starts the timer to make the game go on forever. PS: navmesh is now zipped...
  2. ganglyste@m

    pl_upstreamed a1

    this is the new version of my first map pl_upstream but this time it's much better, i think... it's a payload map in a pine forest along a stream that leads into the ocean.
  3. ganglyste@m

    pl_upstream a2

    This is my first payload map, so it will probably not be the best . It takes place in a pine forest by a stream. It is also kinda small but I'm going to try to fix that
  4. 14bit

    Setting Up the 72 Hour Stream Countdown Clock

    How to Use the 72 Clock in Your OBS Studio Stream Have you ever wanted to use that fancy countdown clock made by @Geit that All The Cool Streamers™ are using these days? Of course you do! This handy guide will help you set up and customize your very own stream countdown in OBS Studio. How to...
  5. Grizzly Berry

    Tips for Streaming Mapping

    Streaming TF2 Mapping In this guide we won't be going over much technical information, as there are plenty of resources available for that sort of thing. What we'll be talking about is how to retain an audience. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to stream, but these are some suggestions...
  6. FrostyHoneyJuicy Stream Overlays V1 Stream Overlays Hello everyone. I would like to introduce 3 new overlays for streamers. The pack in the download includes the .psb files, some preview screenshots and also some overlays for users who do not own the Adobe Photoshop. Every single overlay has it's own...