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  1. noobtoob

    MvM Question

    I dont make mvm maps, but I wanted to make a map that just spawns tanks and robots to grind strange parts. Is there any way to make that?
  2. 200

    Mappers' cursed VMF scraps

    Have you ever been in a situation when you were going through your old vmfs trying to find something and encountered something extremely strange? An obscure box textured with HL2 sprites and one train prop inside? Maybe a part of when you were testing something that never got into an actual map...
  3. Scampi

    koth_cloaked a3

    A remake of the mysterious cp_cloak. What a strange place. Will be tested an updated overtime to improve gameplay. They're watching.
  4. Lokk iz a skul

    First_Room 1.0.0

    An in-development arena map complete with beautiful dev textures, no resupply cabinets and not much gameplay. I added some sniper towers to make for some better movement and gameplay, but overall it is just my first map.