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  1. That Hat Guy

    72hr Jam 2023 The Renegotiation Draft 1.1

    After ten long years fighting against the robots, the mercenaries figure that it's time they got what's owed to them. Can Saxton Hale and his Mann Co. associates work out a new deal, with their fancy trinkets? This is meant to be in the style of the update comics, tying lore into a new game...
  2. [PH]TheNeiljoseph

    72hr Jam 2022 Breakdown in Los Angeles 2022-07-24

    My newest TF2 Story Entry for's 72-Hour Summer Jam 2022 Their fight took place at Los Angeles, California. The story speaks for itself.
  3. jubei

    Definitely Serious Competition 2018-07-28

    This is a short story, told in a serious tone, describing the events of a particular TF2 map and one event that happened on it. It's told from the perspective of a mercenary, describing a map, and forced into a particular game mode and format -- which I'll allow the reader to discover for...
  4. superhimax

    Machine Attacks Remastered V1 Pack Part2 2017-02-28

    a second pack of machine attacks (ep9 - ep16) but this is a massive file. it's a custom story mode of mvm, not consider whoever like normal mvm mode. If you want something new then you are welcome.
  5. superhimax

    Custom TF2 story map

    I have played some story map like Machine Attacks, It's like death run but also fighting the robots For someone wants some new experiences I suggest you should play it once. Or you can find this map and play at these servers: -Getsome -TF.titan -Gooie
  6. superhimax

    Machine Attacks Remastered V1 Pack Part1 2017-02-17

    Machine Attacks is custom mvm campaign mode map. with a story and puzzles, and special upgrades for this map. there are many bonuses in these maps like Mannpowers, Buffs and more. If you want to play some difference way, you should try it. These maps is not favorable for whoever doesn't like...
  7. Languste

    72hr Jam 2022 The Short Anecdote Of The Origin Of The Machina's Tracer Rounds And Name 2017-02-13

    This short story is a fanfiction about why the Machina is as it is! :D I hope you enjoy it! ~ ur friendly lobster c:
  8. Dr.ThatFreakinHurts!

    72hr Jam 2022 The Adventures of the Soviet Gentleman 2017-02-13

    This is a story about Heavy and Sasha, and one of their adventures together. Together they follow a group of weapon dealers, who are rumoured to have weapons imbued with Unusual Effects. Not my best story, but I had a lot of fun writing it c: Made in pastebin