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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Shelter Event Textures 9/15/2023

    These are Textures made originally for shelter event. Contains: Brickwalls Shalewalls Stone trims rusty red metal barnblitz roof Grey rock walls Wine water Various displacement blends
  2. Phe

    Quarry town custom textures 2023-07-29

    Some textures i made for quarrytown wich was a map me and sono made for the 72hr jam.
  3. Fudge Man

    Stonebrick A1

    King of the Hill map with an intended theme of castle ruins, don't know what happened to that. Currently only dev textures.
  4. The ProfesSIR

    koth_stone_tower b4

    The Mercs find a old stone tower that has been converted into a lightning harnessing facility, and fight for control. In the middle of a thunderstorm. Key Features: Lightning will randomly(but frequently) strike the lightning rods scattered around the map. Two main ways to enter the tower...
  5. zlsa

    Stone Railing Pack a4

    A pack of stone railings. Railings can help you, the mapper, in many ways: They block players. This "Stone Railing Pack, alpha 4" Includes: Four different lengths of straight railing, for when you want to stop people who are aligned to the grid. Three different end columns, comprising of one...
  6. Pixenal

    Prism shaped Stone Pillars Reupload

    Prism shaped stone pillars I made for my CTF Mayann map, I thought they might be of some use to anyone else who wants to use them. It comes with a single pillar and a corner pillar. Both Models are 136 hammer units high and have a collision model.
  7. XtremeOverload

    Stonewall A10

    This is my first attempt at a TF2 Map. It will be expanded upon in the coming future. Workshop link: Feel free to tell me what is good and what needs to be altered.