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  1. Exactol

    Vent particles v1

    Vent particles Particle names: vent_steam_square vent_steam_square_slow vent_steam_square_cold vent_steam_circle vent_steam_circle_slow vent_steam_circle_cold vent_smoke_square vent_smoke_square_slow vent_smoke_square_cold vent_smoke_circle vent_smoke_circle_slow vent_smoke_circle_cold See...
  2. Russell18

    Any suggestions about Steam running slow

    Hello friends, I have been noticing a serious problem recently, Steam is running very slow on my Windows 10 device. :(:(:(:( After getting the issue, I have removed some games from Steam :steam:, but still, the problem is arising. Then I have started to search on google, and an information got...
  3. DirectKEK

    How Can I Upload My Map to the Steam Workshop?

    I know it's a stupid question, but can someone tell me how to upload it there, or if there are any tutorials online? (I already checked this, but they are either nonexistent or extremely vague.
  4. This Fucking Guy

    Donator steam medals?

    When do the Summer Jam medals go out to those who donated 5+ dollars to the charity event?
  5. Mr. Juice

    Please delete this thread and my account

    This thread was originally about problems I was having with my account here on the site, I have since found the cause but don't know the solution. They are not this site specific so I probably won't find help here. I request my account be deleted as I have not yet found the delete account button.
  6. Morphe

    Custom Heavy Toadstool Minimalistic Loadout Avatar 2017-08-05

    A minimalist Heavy loadout avatar.
  7. Silverware

    JimiJam Steam Profile Pictures

    These are modeled after the fake company in TF2 named Jimi Jam. Posters of Jimi Jam can be found in game (Foundry, Hightower, Citizen Pain Minigun):
  8. chemelia

    Model Model Request: Paddle Steamboat

    I'm looking for someone to make a model for my upcoming entry to the MvM contest. What I need made is a paddle-propelled steamboat, somewhat similar to this: I understand that this is very complex model to make, so I will be offering payment, whatever you feel is necessary(within reason, of...
  9. Erk

    Having Hammer show up in Steam.

    This is a bit off-topic, but I've seen people have Hammer show up as their activity and I think I might save the hassle of taking a rain check on my steam associates. How do I get that?
  10. AlexCookie

    TF2Maps Steam Trading Cards

    Just ask and I will make one for you. Trying to not copy this nice guy.
  11. Pocket

    How to fix Steam's toxic communities

    Years ago, I read an article about how Microsoft planned to start punishing the assholes on Xbox Live by "forcing them to play with each other". I never heard anything more about it, or any further details, but it gave me an idea about how the problem of bad people on gaming communities could be...