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  1. Amicdict

    Is there an optimal playable map size?

    Ever since Uncle Dane and some other people got the approximated playable sizes of the core maps, I thought if this would be useful in some way for map makers. Then I thought that it might explain why some maps are just not (as) fun to play. For instance I feel that Enclosure is way too long...
  2. Pinsplash

    Dustbowl: your opinion, hand it over

    Hi everyone! For the past while, I've sadistically tortured myself by playing as much cp_dustbowl as I can for the purpose of getting data which we don't currently have. I've learned a lot of strats on this map and something odd about asym balance. I'm 75 rounds in and going to 100 before I...
  3. Skylark

    Longest sightlines in maps

    Calculated by finding the longest kill by a sniper in each map - this does not give a definitive longest sightline but it gives the longest sightline which has been used. Maps (which have enough data) ctf_turbine..............5'395 ctf_2fort 4'017 cp_dustbowl 4'603...