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  1. KoShoMasu

    Christmas Lights cable files on hammer.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking if someone figure out where the Christmas Lights sprite is hide in the tf2 files ? I would like to export the texture to another source games... I know a post has been created 4 years ago, and I hope someone find the location after all this time... Here's the link...
  2. Gravidea

    Olivine City (Deathmatch/Trade Map) b3f

    The seaside city of Olivine from the Johto region, with a tall lighthouse overlooking the land and ocean alike. This is a large 3D Pokemon Crystal themed map made for hangout and trade servers. The final floor of the lighthouse comes with a DJ room that plays many songs from the Pokemon series...
  3. uberchain

    Expiration Date 2018-07-29

    Before Source Filmmaker and Photoshop, I used to edit Sonic the Hedgehog and Megaman sprites when I was 13. Luckily, that embarrassing experience is now coming in handy with me doing things like actual custom sprites and artwork - which is the case here for this Expiration Date fanart...
  4. LLamaManners

    Model Could Anyone make me some Jungle Themed stuff

    I've been looking for jungle themed stuff like waterfalls, rocks, textures and sprites but i cant seem to find them. If you have found any of these, please redirect me to the links, that would be great. If you have made any of these, please share the download link, that would also be great...
  5. The Asylum

    Making custom sprites

    I guess this is a two part question. First, making custom sprites. It's just as easy as making a regular ol custom texture with an alpha channel, right? If so, I can modify the render distance like the respawn room visualizer, I assume? Second part, all sprite textures self-illuminate and face...