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  1. 9_Loves

    Mir Alam A1

    I decided to go with a new sort of "theme" in my maps of fight around something in a point, I guess. A1 notes: COMP MAP BOIZ!!! It has 2 spires atm. I might change or remove them, but they were part of the initial design Am trying something a bit new with the lighting, hope it works out I will...
  2. ToxicRave

    plummet B3

    A map that I've been cooking up for the past couple of days. Though the basic layout is similar to turbine (like having the intel room to the side of spawn instead of behind it), the overall map is a lot more complex. With the double layered intel room and the spire-like mid, the map should give...
  3. M

    koth_spiremill 2018-02-26

    This is a small map that I made as a proof of concept in less then 48 hours. Not something to be proud of, actually.
  4. Viemärirotta

    2spire a1

    "Competitive" arena map in the badlands.
  5. Donatello

    entire spire disappears when painting geometry

    This only happens when using paint geometry tool. The spire is actually still there ( I can walk on it ) but not visible. Any fix?
  6. VinLAURiA

    Clearbridge A1

    I've occasionally dabbled in mapping on-and-off for the past few years, and a few days ago started "doodling" a small KotH map while brushing up on some tutorials. It started with a couple of Badlands spires facing each other diagonally before things started to take shape, which inspired the use...
  7. chemelia

    Mutagen2 A6

    Mutagen2 is a remake of my map from last year, called mutagen. This map will be mostly intended for competitive 6v6 audiences, though I'm open to the possibility of HL testing. Thanks: void for toxic waste texture Frontline Team for mutagens sign Everyone who played and left feedback on the...