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  1. Rbstat

    Spawn Gates disabled, BEFORE setup time???

    Ok so I've built some spawn doors, and I've specifically created the logic so that the doors are disabled at the start of the setup-time, and then re-enabled at the end of the setup-time. Mind you, the doors (and by doors, I mean their triggers) I'm talking about are enabled by default, and are...
  2. RetroNuva10

    A/D BLU Spawnroom Question

    Are there any official A/D maps in the game where BLU's first spawnroom is disconnected? (Like 2Fort's, where it has two separate parts) The way my BLU start is set up would complement doing this, but it may cause frustration from the two halves of the team not being accessible to eachother.
  3. MythosMann

    Forward Spawn in a 3CP?

    Hey y'all, I'm having some trouble getting my forward spawn to work. Red team has two spawns, the first is for the first point, and the other for the other two points. Right now, I have the two sets of info_player_teamspawns (red_playerspawn_1 and red_playerspawn_2). The second set...
  4. Cee Cee

    Keeping enemies out of the spawn.

    Hello, I am kind of new to the TF2 mapping and I come with a question. How do I prevent players to fly into opposite spawns with noclip? My server will use Roll the Dice plugin and I want people to NOT go to other team's spawnroom. Would trigger_hurt work?
  5. Billo

    making a spawnroom usable for both teams.

    so i am having some trouble with making that work. i have the door working no problem for both teams and pretty much everything except only 1. the blue spawnvisualizer , i have 2 of them close to each other , one for red team which works like i wanted and one for blue which works but blocks red...
  6. Yabayabayaba

    Opening Red spawn as part of the map

    I am building a frontline payload map, and the cart track curves in a tight L shape around the first red spawn. Now to insert a much needed flank route I could just jiggle the spawn around. But I was thinking, Sense I am already exploding half the spawn with the tank cart, why not delete all the...
  7. AlexCookie

    Class-specific spawnpoints [Fixed ABS's fgd] V1

    Class-specific spawnpoints Original fgd Author: A Boojum Snark Screenshot: Installation: 1. Put tf-abs.fgd in "Team Fortress 2/bin" 2. Open Hammer , Tools -> Options 3.Choose tf.fgd from the list and click [Remove] 4. Click [Add] and choose tf-abs.fgd 5. Click [OK]