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  1. CyanideNoodles

    REQ looking for someone to covert to tf2 models

    Hello! I have my hand on a bunch of pokemon and animal crossing new leaf and pocket camp files, I need them made into tf2 models , I have the files for the games. You would be paid via paypal for the commissioned project and the deadlines are very relaxed and easy going. Hoping someone could...
  2. Destskelen

    Pick up a weapon (Is it possible?)

    Good day, mappers! :cap: Recently, I found an old video where you can pick up weapons on the TF2 server. Is it possible to ban weapons on the map so that later you can pick up a specific gun? I would be happy to have more information, thanks! | Just pick up a weapon when the game starts without...
  3. CyanideNoodles

    How to fix texture?

    Hello I'm having this weird issue I can't seem to fix. I try to manually align the textures and it's just impossible. Its only an issue in SOME areas. and ONLY if they are vertexed geometry. (not every vertexed block has this issue with this texture.) fitting it doesn't work either. Does anyone...
  4. CyanideNoodles

    func_door odd lighting?

    How do I fix the black on this block? Its only this side that is black, doing min light .1 or more effects the entire block and its only the side that is doing this.
  5. CyanideNoodles

    How to make func_pathtrain loop

    I'm trying to make it like darts are going back and forth in a loop. Ive had it in other maps before but I wasn't the one who made it do that and I no longer have access to help from that person. It goes to the path_1_b I want it to contentiously go from path_1_a to path_1_b and have a...
  6. bruce9086

    Hammer Run Map Old Version again and again

    Here is my log materialPath: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials Loading C:\Mapping\ach_ginfan_v1.vmf Error: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported (entity 22, brush 6) 4 threads reading c:\mapping\ach_ginfan_v1.bsp reading...
  7. CyanideNoodles

    How to Block Bullets In Map?

    I am trying to making it so bullets can't go through but players can. I've looked and can't find any guides for it. As soon as I make the block bullet texture a func brush with no solidity it removes the block bullets effect. I'm trying to do this to help prevent spawn camping from messing with...
  8. CyanideNoodles

    Help with lighting

    I'm not so good at lighting when it comes to areas like this. No matter what I do it's either dim light the light is turned off, or its super bright and warm colored to the point it hurts your eyes. Can someone suggest something? I've tried changing the constant, the colors, the brightness, you...
  9. CyanideNoodles

    ED_alloc: no free edicts source HELP Map crashes!

    I am just about finished with my map, and ever since I added a small boss fight to my map, I get this error. I already deleted multiple areas to my dungeon. I don't even have that many props.. I read that light spots can cause this but I don't even have that many light spots compared to my other...