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  1. loley

    JAWS | Pyroshark Recreation 2019-08-04

    self explanatory, it's the jaws movie poster, but with the evil, yucky, pyroshark. not exactly sure how to post this on here, but i hope this is good enough to be classified as part of the jam. started: 6:35 pm 8/3/2019 finished: 1:00 am 8/4/2019 i spent quite a while working on this, as...
  2. JonahJoestar

    Crimson Aviators 2017-08-06

    Heard about the 72 Hour Jam contest through Tumblr and decided to submit an artwork entry, hope you enjoy it all the same. "The War Bird" (Plane Model) is created and owned by Steam User Bapaul. -Link to his Workshop: All other items are...

    What The Mercs Do On Their Ony Day Off artwrk72

    this is a quick artwork I made today I had a good idea when I downloaded the map from the start and thought it was be a good idea to make a poster ik it isn't too good but hey i made it in about a hour n a half just from thinking of what poses ect,. my steam with other art...
  4. Mr. Light

    A Moment of Respite 2017-08-05

    "A chance to steel oneself against the coming horrors."
  5. AwesomeScout101

    [SFM] "A small party" 2017-08-05

    This was a small poster with a couple of the mercs having a party.
  6. TooTavish

    An End To Mann SFM

    This was pretty fun to make! Enjoy!
  7. Wheatley The Moron

    Sunset on 2Fort 2017-08-05

    I made this poster to show the calm that can constantly occur in war zones. The way Team Fortress 2 is, and how diverse it is from any other game, makes this much more fun and clearer, even since some servers turn from war zones to just times to mess around mid match. Almost every single class...