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  1. Squaggies

    Silencing the Announcer or Other Game Sounds (Replacing too!)

    Shutting up specific voice lines (like the announcer) is more convoluted than I expected, and finding a solution was difficult so I’m making a thread on how to do it with style, and with this method you can not only remove the voicelines, but you can replace them with custom ones too! This...
  2. Cinna

    Issue with ambient_generic

    In my map, I have a room that contains a jukebox, which is supposed to play an .mp3 file that I have created. I have the ambient_generic, a timer that re-fires after the whole song finishes and replays it, and a logic_auto to fire the timer when you join the map. Interestingly enough, in my...
  3. Billo

    custom soundscape issue thingy

    Hey there. I havent made such a post for help for some time now but I am about to break this streak. So , for koth_sharkbay I want to add custom soundscape for the port area of the map. I found the sound I wanted which is around 2 mins , I downloaded in a mp3 form , and I put it in audacity and...
  4. Werewolf

    How to disable or control ambient sound effects for func_croc / prop_dynamic?

    I've added a 'func_croc' brush to my map, and I have a few 'prop_dynamic' crocodiles (lifted right out of cp_mercenarypark) as well. They are working as intended with players dying correctly and whatnot, but my issue is with the ambient sounds they make. My problem is that every few seconds...
  5. Leonin

    Can somebody make a Joker's Gun Hitsound?

    I would make one myself, but im too lazy
  6. Werewolf

    Looped .wav file sounds 'glitchy'

    I'm trying to work on an update to DR_Bank, and one point of feedback I had seen was about compressing my sound files. After trying to compress them I have found that Gaben's (the motivator) move sound became distorted. I heard the bug and tried to revert the change by extracting the same file...
  7. scrly

    Custom capturing sound and weather problems

    So I've been making this snowy map and wanted it to have a custom CAPTURING sound effect but when i tried different ways of setting it up the sound just loops without stopping even when I set an output to make it stop when nobody is capturing. I also wanted it to have a blizzard weather effect...
  8. Cynder loves Portal


    What format does WAV files have to be in for source to play them? They'll play in hammer but not in game. The ones I'm using are Stereo 44000hz 32-bit Float or Stereo 22000hz 32-bit Float is this correct?
  9. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Huge lag with soundscapes

    There are 4 different areas in the same room in my custom map (you can imagine it as 4 rooms next to each other connected with doors). These soundscapes are controlled by trigger_soundscapes and for each soundscape there is a trigger_soundscape covering the entire room. However when entering...
  10. The_Gl!tch.exe

    How to add custom music?

    I'm currently creating a trade map and I want to play some background music in each specific room. It should be played separately so others outside the specific area can't hear it. I've tried with a point_clientcommand (as suggested by the community) but it doesn't work perfectly. anyone know...
  11. Ælement

    (Sound) Vietnamese jungle at night loop 2018-08-15

    I recorded a bit of the nighttime sounds in vietnam this summer. I've now made a loop out of it. Use as you see fit. Credit would be appreciated.
  12. jeff #ImWithHer


  13. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Problems with creating custom music in a map

    I'm a beginner at creating TF2-maps and I have problems concerning sounds. I'm currently creating a trade map and it has a room with galaxy textures and the music playing is the Space Junk Galaxy theme from Super Mario Galaxy. I have one entrance to the room and the room is inside a trigger...
  14. ficool2

    Sounds embed into .bsp do not work on workshop

    All the sounds I have embed into the .bsp are not recognised at all when the map is used from the workshop. I think this might be related to the sound.caches that are not created, but I'm not too sure. Can anyone tell me what is the problem? Embed textures and models work fine. I'm using...
  15. Scampi

    Help with making trains louder

    Hello again. I've been testing my subterranean koth map for awhile, and it features minecarts that travel along rails to help balance powerful high ground areas. The problem is, feedback always states that they are too quiet. I've cranked up the sound on the func_train entity to maximum, and...
  16. Suna

    Custom control point capture sound

    While toying with the options available for the 'team_control_point' entity, I noticed the following property: Warning Sound [Sound to be played when this point is being captured (if warn on capture is set)] I've tried replacing the default sound with others such as the alarm sound used in...
  17. Scampi

    Issue with Ambient Generic

    I'm having this problem with an ambient_generic in my map. Whenever it plays its sound, it plays it at even volume throughout the entire map despite what I set the Max Audible Distance is set to. I checked the flags, and Play Everywhere is NOT checked. What's going on here?
  18. Arceus

    Trials with Trains

    I followed this tutorial for inserting trains, found here, word for word. Here are my issues currently: The train does not render. A force "pushes" the player, but the model is not visible. The train model used is urban_subwaycar.mdl . There are multiple train cars, each are the same model...
  19. Sailaser

    Soundscape isn't working

    Hi, I'm trying to add a soundscape,"Dustbowl.Outside". But when I run the map, it's quiet. Did I do something wrong?
  20. UltimentM

    TF2 Payload Sound Help

    Hello everyone. I'm currently trying to create a hybrid pl/ctf map at the moment (I actually have, set up all the logic and it all works), but am having trouble with some of the sounds at the moment. At the end of the payload section, the cart blows up and begins the ctf section. The problem...