skybox prop

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  1. KaPPY

    Problems with 3D Skybox

    Hello! So I have a decompiled map that I want to make an edit for. I have a problem fixing the skybox of the map, the map's skybox doesn't show up like pictured below. I have followed along both 3kliksphilip's and TopHATTwaffle's tutorials and I added a sky_camera in the skybox and the...
  2. Sonoma

    Asteroid Skybox Prefab a1

    A prefab I made to save you the trouble of figuring out how Valve made the rd_asteroid skybox. Just copy and paste into your map Note: This is a 3D skybox Valve uses sky_goldrush_01 for the 2D skybox texture but it doesn't matter which one you use. I put a light_enviroment entity inside the...
  3. ммα | ∂αиỉєℓ

    Skybox version of the waterfall, does it exist

    Looking for a skybox version of the waterfall model. Has anyone ever used it? Does it even exist? I have no clue how easy it is to make. Any help would be appreciated :)
  4. Werewolf

    Cast dynamic shadow from skybox onto map?

    I have an in game event where a UFO flies over my map. That in itself is a prop_dynamic parented to a func_tracktrain. As my map is set during the day with a bright overhead sun, the UFO passes between the sun and the ground. For the effect to work, I need it to cast a shadow down onto the map...
  5. Stili_z301™

    is there a way to fix textures on skybox props?

    can it be fixed?its the same ingame